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Parent Information

Hi, and welcome to Cub Scouts Pack 628! Here’s hoping the information and guidelines presented to you IMG_2605on this page will help you get off to a good start in Pack 628. Please refer to this page as a handy reference for future information needs regarding Pack policy and uniform information. Thank you.

To begin with, your son is a member of Pack 628, which is in the
 Francis Scott Key District, belonging to the National Capital Area Council, which emcompasses south and central counties of Maryland and northern counties of Virginia. The Pack is made up of Dens, which is a group of boys usually in the same grade as that of your son. Each Den has a specific numeral attached to it. Collectively, we are Cub Scouts, and are members of the National organization, the Boy Scouts of America

All Packs have a Chartered Organization which acts as a ‘sponsor’, and ours is the New market LIONS Club.

The Pack is run by registered BSA Adult Leaders of the Pack who make up the Pack Committee, which includes a Committee Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Membership and Advancement Chairs, CubmasterAssistant Cubmaster(s), Event coordinators, Awards coordinators, and others. All parents of a Cub Scout in Pack 628 are welcomed and encouraged to become a Committee Member. Our Committee meetings are held the Wednesday following the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 7:00 pm and is open to all parents of Scouts in Pack 628.

Den meetings are usually held twice a month as scheduled by the den leader.

Unless previously announced, our Pack meetings are always the fourth Wednesday of every month at Deer Crossing Elementary School at 7:00 P.M.

Den Meetings

Lots of Cub Scouting happens in the den. Please remember that your son’s Den Leader is a volunteer putting forth his or her time and effort to help your boy ‘do his best’ to earn his badges, participate in the fun, and gain all the positive values that the Cub Scout program offers. Please assist them in the following ways.

  • Please have your son to den meetings on time. Your den leaders have lots of activities planned and it is important to have the whole group together to begin the evening’s fun and projects.
  • Please pick up your son from den meetings on time. Your den leader has places to go and kids that they have to put to bed, too. Better yet, ask your den leader if they could use an extra pair of hands that night and stay. Not only will your help be appreciated, but also you can see what your son is working on. Tiger Cubs must have an Adult Partner with them at all meetings, trips, etc. Enjoy the time together!
  • Please make sure your son has his handbook, and anything else he needs for the meeting before leaving the house.
  • Be an active parent. Everybody has some special abilities and ‘know how’ that can be of great help in matters relating to Cub Scouts. In addition to the boys learning new skills from you, I promise that you will have a good time helping them.

Pack Meetings

Whereas at Den meetings the boys might do activities towards earning rank badges and awards, the monthly Pack meeting is where these awards are presented. It is an important part of the program, as it allows the boys to receive their recognition in front of the group as a whole, inspires the younger scouts to strive towards achieving future ranks, and brings everybody together for the big night! Due to the large size of our pack some advancements are presented during the pack meeting and others are presented to the den leader to present at that time or during the next den meeting.

At Pack meetings, the Cubmaster will ‘do their best’ to make sure that each Den has a chance to display that special craft thay made, song they learned, skit they’ve rehearsed, or interesting place they visited. In addition, there might be a drawing, advancement ceremony, or other themed event planned for the evening. Most of all, we hope to make Pack meetings entertaining, enriching, and FUN!!!

Cub Scouting and You

When your son earns his Bobcat badge he learns the Law of the Pack. One of these laws states “The Cub Scout Helps the Pack Go”. Throughout the year there are banquests, fundraisers, Scout shows, parades, derbies, camping trips, and many other activities and functions. Ambitious as they are, a Cub Scout still needs your help in implementing the program and thereby giving us the chance to keep our promise in the part of the Law that states “The Pack Helps the Cub Scout Grow”.

Remember, The Pack is all of us working together… leaders, parents, and Scouts.

Unlike other programs your son might enroll in, Cub Scouting involves the whole family, no matter what size or parental make-up exists in the home. In Tigers, you are your son’s Adult Partner. In Wolves and Bears, you are Akela, the wise leader of the tribe of Webelos, and the final judge of your son’s efforts. At the Webelos rank, you are the Activity Badge counselors that could help influence a boy’s career direction.

The pack is a volunteer run orginization; as such we rely on our families to help run our program. Please consider volunteering; you will find it a rewarding experience, and one in which you and your son will remember that you did together.

For more detailed information please refer to our family information packet Family Information Packet.

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